Friday, June 26, 2015

The newest members of our little farm.

This handsome rooster dad has not met his 13 children yet - they are still in a separate pen with their beautiful mom.  (Mainly so that he doesn't decided to kill or torture them!!)

Mom and babies are safe in their little pen.  Safe from eagles, raccoons, coyotes, etc......  Soon babies, you will have to fend for yourselves.  It is a hard world out there!

So cute!!

If you lean to the right, you can see the nice coop their dad has made ready for them.  Even with a lovely picture.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The merry goat trio....

Goats can be the most entertaining things on a farm - or not.  Sometimes they are as sweet as this little blue-eyed cutie - and sometime her bigger brother will come up and butt your behind!!  Not nice Maxie!  Stay cute Minnie!  And stop hogging the food Sissy!!!

Chickens - every farm needs them!!

Still a bit early for chicks this year, but last year's chicks are now full grown and laying eggs!  Well, not the new rooster - but, lucky for him, his dad hasn't been giving him trouble, so he gets to stay!

Carlo - the King of the farm.

This handsome guy is Carlo.  He is the king of the farm - or at least he is in his own mind.  People for miles around can hear it when Carlo is hungry and wants someone to know it!!  Luckily, they all love the sound and have not reported him to the noise control people.  I fear I can not make him stop!!

Sweet Rosie's trying spring.....

This spring sweet Rosie had her back left leg amputated.  It was a very trying time for both of us, but we both survived and she is doing quite well as a tripod.  This is her before the amputation, and some day I will post an after picture.  Most of the tears and flailing have stopped, and we now believe the vet who said - "it will save her life!". You go sweet Rosie!!